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exercising on a budget.

exercising on a budget

It’s never too late to start saving money and one of the best ways, is to rethink most of the subcriptions; yes I am talking about you gym membership.

I’m sure that most of you have heard many saying that; “exercise is a lifestyle.” It’s easier to maintain a lifestyle that comes on the cheap.

Some of the cheapest ways include,

  1. Run/ jog/walk around your neighbourhood.

The benefits are countless. Just make sure it’s a safe neighborhood

Make this fun by tracking your work out kilometers and calories burnt. My go to app is Nike+ Running.

  1. Skip a rope;

You burn about 200 calories by merely jumping rope for less than half an hour. You also get to work out all your muscles and tone at the same time without any need for fancy equipment.

  1. Use youtube exercise videos to work out at home

Some of my go to exercise your tube channels include fitness blender, sparks people; to mention a few. These give you variety of routines and you can pause and resume when you want.

  1. Similarly there are various phone applications which do the same thing some include; simply yoga, workout trainer, daily work out free etc
  2. Well, if all fails then just endeavor to be active all through the day. Park your car furthest from the door so you can walk to the entrance, take the stairs in place of the elevator and get up from your working desk and walk around after every 2hrs.

The list goes on but those are the commonest.

I would love to hear from you. What do you do on the cheap that helps you stay active

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