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Tropical fruit smoothie with a touch of water melon

Tropical fruit smooth

There is better time for a smoothie than a hot sunny day.

Good thing is most of these fruits are readily available.

Start off by washing your fruits with clean water.

Dice them into small bite size particles.

Blend them all together.

Add one gales of water for starters to reduce the thickness.

Continue blending until a desired consistency.

Pour in a chilled glass to enjoy.

Share the other batch with friends.


3 bananas

2 apples

1/2 a watermelon

10 seedless grapes

2 glasses of water (1000mls)

1/2 a small pawpaw

Tropical fruit smoothie
Watermelon, seedless grapes

Appliances used

Blender (1.8mls)

Chopping board




Stay away from this smoothie if you are allergic to any of the above mentioned fruits.


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